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The Dream Team

Welcome to the team! You are here because you are on a mission... A mission to bring a combination of thoughts and emotions together, to create a visual concept. Whether you are a company looking to take itself to the next level by re-branding or a fellow production company joining us on the East Coast, It can sometimes be a daunting task to find the right company.

So what makes us that company?


For one, you are talking straight to the contractors. No more letting the "Production Company" take a majority of your budget and stick it in their pocket first. That extra money goes to the high-end equipment and personnel your budget SHOULD afford. As the artist, we pride ourselves on delivering quality productions each and every time. This is why all clients become repeat clients.

Brett Mullen


Brett is the bread and butter of Red Nebula. His sense for story and eye for composition makes him a well versed Director, Cinematographer and Editor all in one. His clients include Walt Disney, EPSN and Jordan Brand.

Tiffany Nadi Auman

Account Manager/

Production Supervisior

Tiffany is our Account Manager and Production Supervisor. Her organization and contagious spirit is what keeps all productions smooth between our clients and our crew. 

Kevin Welch

Line Producer/AD

Kevin portfolio is insane. Captain America, Star Trek and Banshee to name a few. He also owns and operates a company for stunt coordination for action films. Simply put, we love Kevin.

Katie Carpenter

Production Manager

Nothing gets by Katie. Her professional background of Directing, Acting, Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup makes her an amazing asset for any production. She currently produces her own TV series called "Maid to Order".

Justin Reich


Are you looking for something edgy for your project? Justin is a creative genius. If he's not off directing Paul Stanley or Zakk Wylde, you'll find him at his home studio editing passion projects with his cats Paris and Dyna.

Tina Reynold

Art Director

Tina puts 110% into every project. Ever say to yourself,"This looks better than in person!" Well, that is because a great Art Director like Tina know exactly how to dress a set.




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